The On Purpose Podcast

001: Befriending Money and Writing our Stories

April 9, 2020

Welcome to The On Purpose Podcast with Lynn Thompson.

In this episode, Lynn is outside in sunshine and birdsong, musing about money, with observations, curiosity, and memories. Total length: 19:53

On April 10 Lynn added a P.S. segment at the beginning (therefore, a Pre-Script) to introduce Junie Swadron of Victoria, B.C. in Canada. Junie shares her insights and encouragement about writing our stories to begin and close this episode. She is so passionate about this idea that she welcomes you to visit her website and request a free PDF download of her recently published book, Your Life Matters: 8 Simple Steps to Writing Your Story. Signed print copies are available. Information is on her website about her Sunday Afternoon Sacred Writing Circle (gathering online) and workshops.

The full conversation that Lynn enjoyed with Junie is on WomensRadio.

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