Lynn Thompson on the phone with Dr. Bruce Lipton in 2006 after he self-published his best-selling book The Biology of Belief. This podcast is 1:40:12 and covers a lot of ground.

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD is a cell biologist and lecturer and an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. Bruce performed groundbreaking stem-cell research at Stanford University after being on the faculty of the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine. He is also the best-selling author of The Honeymoon Effect, and Spontaneous Evolution. Bruce received the prestigious Goi Peace Award (Japan) in 2009 in honor of his scientific contribution to world harmony.

Based on his own experiments, and those of other leading-edge scientists, Bruce speaks about the mechanisms by which cells receive and process information. This research shows that DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts.

Since this episode is lengthy, here are reference points with a glimpse of topics for listening in segments if you wish; the sections are framed by brief music. Thanks for listening!
First four minutes: short excerpts with music weave
04:00 intro by Lynn
04:52 - 06:14 about The Biology of Belief
06:14 - 19:18 genes story, black coats & white coats
19:18 - 25:02 atoms
25:02 - 44:22 dogma; perception; body as community of cells
44:22 - 52:28 scientific truth: exceptions help to enhance understanding
52:28 - 1:19:35 conscious parenting; conscious and subconscious
1:19:35 - 1:39:15 shift in belief! let go of victim
closing note by Lynn

Excerpt from Deepak Chopra MD's review of The Biology of Belief:
"Bruce’s insights and research created the basis of the epigenetic revolution that is now laying the foundation for a consciousness-based understanding of biology."

You'll hear Bruce refer fondly to the musical group YES because "These guys are saying a lot of things out the ordinary rock 'n roll kind of story, they're talking about the light and the spirit, and I realized that in the end, when my science began to make sense, it was exactly what they were singing about! And they say it in nice poetry in a few lines and I have to spend chapters to bring it into the science."

Music is thanks to Black Fedora, Sneaky Jazz for The On Purpose Podcast (Living on Purpose).

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