Together, with their teams, Sandy Levey-Lunden and Becky Norwood are delighted to announce I Just Want Peace is a #1 International Bestseller.

Here i...View Details

Today, Wednesday, July 27, 2022 is Book Launch Day with Sandy's legacy book. More info about the book here and this audio is a glimpse from Lynn Thomp...View Details

Sir Darren Jacklin contributes an abundance of tips in forty minutes that have impacted the quality of his life and innumerable others, covering: 1) T...View Details

Sixteen years since their first conversation on Living on Purpose, the occasion of Dan Millman's new memoir is an excellent reason for host Lynn Thomp...View Details

Do you remember your dreams? Reflect on them? Welcome insights? Lynn Thompson and twenty guests in the audience participate with Richard in one of h...View Details

Discussion with our guest, host Lynn Thompson, and members of the audience, about the importance of spiritual, physical, and financial reserves, and b...View Details

Lynn Thompson with news about recent guests on the podcast and your opportunity for audience participation with the recording for the podcast with upc...View Details

The third section of Derian's book is all about The Pitfalls: Fear, Excuses, Procrastination, Relationships, and Money. This episode is 40 minutes lon...View Details

Do you remember your dreams? Nine years ago technology and time zones allowed host Lynn Thompson in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to speak with Richard Hast...View Details

Are you writing a book? Have questions you wish you could ask a five-time bestselling author and publisher? Let's start with the founder of Ignite Pre...View Details

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