The third section of Derian's book is all about The Pitfalls: Fear, Excuses, Procrastination, Relationships, and Money. This episode is 40 minutes long. In February 2021, Lynn Thompson and Derian Tuitt met up on Zoom for the third of four conversations based on concepts in the book he wrote and they collaboratively edited in 2018, Life Success Hacks: How to Use Simple Action to Achieve Anything You Imagine.

Section One talk is episode 18 on Podbean.
Highlights of #1

Section Two talk on Podbean.

Derian B. Tuitt is a staunch proponent of taking action to achieve whatever you desire. His mantra is: “Your actions tell the real story. If you play it safe, you won’t have much of a life.” Derian advocates using natural laws to work for you, as well as using adversity as a catalyst that launches opportunity. Derian was inspired to write his book for his daughter, Debrina, and he is determined to make this world a better place for his granddaughter, Nadia.

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