Talk Show Host Dr Laura

Lynn Thompson recorded this conversation with talk show host Dr. Laura in 2006 after listening to her on the radio since 1994 (the year that Dr. Laura's show was syndicated). In thirty minutes, they explore facets of Dr. Laura’s philosophy and passion for “doing the right thing.” At the end of the interview, Dr. Laura offered Lynn a letter of reference, and Lynn accepted. Shortly afterward, she received it: “Your questions were interesting and probing, your style warm and engaging. You are living proof that you don’t need to go for the jugular to find the pulse.”

Now, in 2021, Dr. Laura Schlessinger has been on air for 40 years talking to listeners, encouraging them to do the right thing, with a focus on morals, values, and ethics. She is a strong advocate for families and the welfare of children, and is supportive of war veterans’ families in the US. She has a black belt, and recommends martial arts for discipline and fitness. Dr. Laura's directive for weight management: “eat less, move more.”

Dr. Laura has a Call of the Day podcast, a YouTube channel, and is the author of thirteen New York Times Bestselling books.

Music for The On Purpose Podcast (Living on Purpose) with thanks to Black Fedora, Sneaky Jazz. Thanks for listening and living on purpose. 

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