North America's Networking Guru returns to Living on Purpose with host Lynn Thompson and two guests in the audience who contribute, and then one of th...View Details

With several people in the audience listening in for the full two plus hours, the discussion continues and wraps up in this final segment with more to...View Details

The discussion continues, beginning with a story example from where Part One left off, with more touring through and beyond gold and silver, opening o...View Details

Ready to make a difference in someone's life and yours at the same time? What do you answer when someone says the most often asked question in the wor...View Details

Discussion ranges through and beyond gold and silver into history of economy, opening our minds with insights into the nature of currency. Part One be...View Details

Ready to pick your mood? And share it when someone asks you the most often asked question in the world? Make a difference in someone's life and yours ...View Details

A simple inquiry leads to an intriguing wander with spirit revealing the beginnings and journey of psychic spiritual advisor, Jesai Chantler of Spirit...View Details

Through WomensRadio in 2009, Connie (then Bauer) reached out to Living on Purpose host Lynn Thompson and they arranged a phone call on her "live" CHLY...View Details

A wandering through sharing voices of spirit applying insights to current coordinates on earth and in our lives, born medium Bobbi Rowntree speaks wit...View Details

Finally, Lynn Thompson talks with Shannon after becoming aware of her Barter Babes Project over ten years ago when her goal was to give financial advi...View Details

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