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Conversations that inspire, uplift, and inform the listener. Host and producer Lynn Thompson welcomes authors, musicians, educators, philosophers, and entrepreneurs, each with stories and ideas to share. Some episodes have an audience, feature guests, and include monologues. Many feature music from Zapsplat thanks to Black Fedora with Sneaky Jazz. Living on Purpose was a radio talk show on CHLY in Canada (2004-2009) and has been a podcast since 2007 (Rabble Podcast Network RPN 2007-2017, and WomensRadio 2007-2021). Since April 2020, Lynn has been on Podbean with The On Purpose Podcast (twin of Living on Purpose). Thanks for listening! Also, thanks for scrolling down to learn more about Lynn Thompson with Living on Purpose Communications for editing audio projects and collaborating with authors and books for publication. Thank you!

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The Funeral Whisperer

Thursday Feb 23, 2023

Thursday Feb 23, 2023

In 2018, host Lynn Thompson heard about Valerie Bourdain in Expert Speaker by Majeed Mogharreban while transcribing the book from his webinar. Following some to and fro emails over these years, Lynn and Val finally spoke and you get to hear 24 minutes of that conversation now.  The Funeral Whisperer provides thoughtful and practical resources for preparing yourself and your loved ones for departing this life.
Val joined us for the Living on Purpose Panel on the Art of Departure on Tuesday, April 25, 2023.
Thanks to Black Fedora with Sneaky Jazz for the music weaving through this podcast.

Saturday Feb 18, 2023

Once Upon A Solar Time is published after evolving for 46 years growing with the author's creative imagination. Author and editor met in 1978, and had no idea their destiny would deliver them to collaborate on that epic novel so many years later.
Hear all about it in this forty-eight minute conversation with podcast host and editor Lynn Thompson speaking with feather aka Denise Bertrand mostly on a bench on a walking and bike path in the sunshine, February 12, 2023. A couple of excerpts were recorded later that same day and also a phone call on speaker near the end with feather's longtime friend Elaine with feedback on reading Once Upon A Solar Time.
With thanks to Black Fedora with Sneaky Jazz weaving through the words. Enjoy.

Spotlight Publishing House CEO

Saturday Dec 31, 2022

Saturday Dec 31, 2022

All right! Becky Norwood and Lynn Thompson finally aligned their schedules mid-December 2022 to have a chat about Becky's publishing expertise in supporting and creating #1 bestselling authors with her company, Spotlight Publishing House based in Goodyear, Arizona. In thirty-five minutes they cover numerous topics. Enjoy!
Becky Norwood, #1 International Bestselling author, speaker, & book publishing expert, is CEO of Spotlight Publishing House™. Becky is widely recognized for the empowering and intuitive way she guides authors to weave storytelling into their books and marketing. Becky believes that a well-told story is a gateway for growth, sharing, and a way to unite humanity.
Becky and her team have brought over 350 authors to #1 bestseller status. With an extensive catalog of services supporting emerging and established authors, Becky creates the pathway for business expansion and audience growth. During her interviews with guests in her live-streaming and podcast events, listeners hear sage advice from authors and experts. An advocate for the increased vibration that comes from sharing our creative genius and impacting our world in positive ways, Becky's focus in creative publishing work centers on the LIGHT of Spotlight:
Loving Influencers Growing Heartfelt Transformations

BTS and Beyond

Monday Dec 26, 2022

Monday Dec 26, 2022

On Christmas Day, when I was in the city with some family of the elder of my two brothers, he kept shaking his head, saying, “I am surprised that you are so into BTS” and I’m not sure why. I mean, why he wonders and also, why I am. And I AM, in a big way. It was a slow-mo connect, because at first, I didn’t tune in closely when I saw the seven young South Korean guys neatly seated in two rows on a couple of late-night talk shows, introducing themselves in clipped English. I didn’t get who they were or what the big deal was about them.
Then I saw their live performance of their hit song “Butter,” on one of those shows and seeing them dance, I went ohhh, wow. Their choreography impressed me, their timing, teamwork, skill, ease, and I got it. Then I saw the Butter dance practice. And I kept finding more music videos and became familiar with the reference of “K-pop” and their main hits. I learned their names and nicknames, RM (the leader), Jin (the eldest), Jungkook (the youngest), J-Hope, V, Jimin, and Suga. Some of them are rappers, some knew each other at school. V starred in a Korean drama. I started watching live performances and award shows. Then I found dance practice videos, sometimes with back up dancers, fun covers, and lyric videos that light up the photo of who’s singing to recognize their voices and read the lyrics in English and Korean. I also found video reviews about their history as a group and how they individually landed at BigHit Music (Music and Artist for Healing, established in 2005) the company that launched them as BTS in 2013. In March 2021, the company rebranded as Hybe Corporation.
Finally, after watching them dance for a while video by video, including theatrical “Black Swan” and “Permission to Dance” on location at the United Nations General Assembly after they spoke there, I’ve collected some of their CDs to easily dance along in my gorgeous apartment, while cooking, cleaning up, or in my car while I'm driving, crank the tunes, celebrating my energy and positivity alongside their expression, enamored by the group’s strength, focus, determination, dedication, the way they make complex choreography look easy and fun, their uplifting, heart-touching and spirit sparking lyrical messages engaging themselves in and with each other while infusing love and hope in and through me and millions of fans worldwide growing in number and enthusiasm for nine years since their debut in early days of humble hardworking beginnings, with that appreciation of their roots still permeating their team spirit with gratitude. They have their own reaction videos! Some of them do “live” broadcasts together or solo speaking to their fans, and have interviews, appearances on other shows, and their own series of activities as a group. Through these epic moments, the special seven, their voices, tenderness, ferocity, “fighting” (which means staying strong and continuing on!), candor, humor, and immense presence, underscore my days and awareness. 
I keep adding to a list of my fave links to return to and watch again, live talks with some and all of them, compilations, and behind the scenes. There are many reaction channels reviewing new releases for the first time, for example, when the four main vocalists of BTS recently collaborated with two other musicians in Bad Decisions.
While I’ve been gradually following BTS and learning more about them since May 2021, one thing I kept wondering was what it’s like for them, being so much on camera, and working so hard rehearsing, performing, perfecting their music, singing, and learning choreography, plus all the hair and makeup sessions pre-performance, and clothing choices for everything. What kind of a life is that for them? It made me more aware of being witnessed all the time, imagining what that would be like. I reflected on how we ARE witnessed all the time by spirit, apart from cameras physically recording us, them more intensely. And I wondered what else they would want to be doing. Their individual roots were woven together into this BTS tree, a dancing machine, and while recognizing the power in that team, I was musing on how they would like to have the time, space, and energy to grow individually.
So I was not surprised in June 2022 while watching their annual BTS Festa celebration, for their 9th year since their debut, that with varying emotion they announced they would be making some changes and taking a break from being a group to explore solo projects and other collaborations. (The Festa video is long, so starting at 21:00 for ten minutes gives some info, and you can set up English subtitles. I also love listening to them speaking in Korean without English subtitles.) They had just released PROOF, a compilation of their highlights from the nine years, including the new track, Run BTS followed by performance and practice videos. 
Over the years as the BTS members navigated setbacks and push-backs, they continued to grow and collaborate with solo and group artists, striving for strong expression and performance, individually and as a group. Following their announcement to make a change, they reassured ARMY that “The Best is Yet to Come” and they were ready to free up their creativity in solo projects and other collaborations. That made sense to me, and I felt relieved for them. I believe they were living in the same big house for years and had recently begun to set up separate residences and learning more about their individual styles and preferences. When they started, some of them were still in their teens growing together into their twenties. Now as they grow individually, they continue to support one another and cheer each other on.
J-Hope was the first solo Korean act to be booked at a US show, Lollapalooza, where he coordinated with another group of dancers and commanded an outstanding show in the summer of 2022. He also released his first solo CD, Jack in the Box. And he collaborated with rapper Crush for a music video, “Rush Hour.”
Jungkook collaborated with Charlie Puth in “Left and Right” after their live performance collaboration a few years earlier with “We Don’t Talk Anymore.”
Suga is a talented musician and producer and with “That That" collaborated with PSY.
Jimin, V, Jin, and Jungkook collaborated with Benny Blanco and Snoop Dogg in “Bad Decisions.”
Jin wanted to create a meaningful love song (the official BigHit music video for “Astronaut”) to ARMY fans before going into mandatory Korean military service and he collaborated on “Astronaut” with Coldplay for a live performance in Brazil.
And RM, who was feeling the pressure of being the leader for interviews and speaking (and often writing lyrics) for the group, has recently released his first solo CD, Indigo, based on about four years of writing in and about his twenties, releasing it in the final year of that decade, with collaborations on almost all of the ten tracks, in numerous musical styles, with lyrics like pages of his diary. After BTS was packing larger and larger crowds in American, Asian, and Korean venues, RM chose to perform the new CD in a small club with 200 ARMY, featuring some of the collaborators from the tracks. Incredible. For one of the tracks, the movie video for "Still Life" has awesome visuals, vocal collaboration with Anderson .Paak, and an intriguing backstory (starting at 13:13) about the title.
Jimin, an exceptional dancer, has a solo project that will come into view in 2023. In 2019, he wrote a song to motivate himself and inspire all: “Promise.” In mid-January Jimin and Taeyang released their collaboration with Vibe and January 19 they shared a studio version featuring musicians.
I’m sure more is in the works. Big Hit (Hybe) continues to support and produce their individual work. The entire team’s dedication to high quality, integrity, meaningful expression in everything they share, including the seven’s honesty about their challenges while demonstrating willingness to explore their talents, inspires me to keep aiming high while stewarding my life and activities. I am so grateful to be aware of them. And because they are beyond my reach of correspondence, many people in my life benefit from my increased exuberant outreach, like the construction crew who work on the building where I live and others I meet on the path, celebrating each one beyond the roles we are in, creating personalized photocards (since the 1990s) and sharing The Heart Cards (since 2000).  
For reference, I do have appreciation for a wide range of music, joyously attending innumerable dances in country community halls and festivals on my way west and landing in British Columbia in the late 1970s, living and grooving through into 2004 when I began Living on Purpose as a “live” radio talk show on CHLY, featuring a plethora of musicians and recording conversation with many at music festivals behind the scenes.
This Holy Days season while gathered with my brother and some of his family, their playlist of ambient music (some with singers) was in the background. While I was hearing and enjoying all of it for the first time, they were more familiar with it. Occasionally I would drop BTS into the conversation for fun to prompt another incredulous response from my brother. Before I drove into the city that day, I had already started this review tracing my love for BTS, and I woke up the next morning with more ideas of how to keep filling it in. So here we are. Thank you for listening.
Hey, V, thanks for sharing your intoxicating voice with seasonal tidings.This detailed account reads like an epic annual Christmas letter. Dear you ...

Shelagh Rogers in 2007

Sunday Dec 11, 2022

Sunday Dec 11, 2022

Serendipity in December 2022 delivered podcast host Lynn Thompson to her 1972 journal, which, as you will hear, inspired her to revisit her phone conversation in 2007 with CBC radio host Shelagh Rogers, thanks to Andrew Binks, writer, editor, and published author, who was on the same swim team as Lynn 50 years ago.
Okay, what??
In 2007, Shelagh was the host of Sounds Like Canada on CBC and now she hosts The Next Chapter. Her phone call with Lynn on the "live" Living on Purpose broadcast on CHLY almost didn't happen, as you will hear. Thankfully it did happen, as you will also hear! A few minutes of a frame around their 13-minute conversation.
Thanks for listening to The On Purpose Podcast (twin of Living on Purpose). Appreciation for Black Fedora with Sneaky Jazz and Carol Welsman with a glimpse of "New Day" from her album Inclined.

Tuesday Nov 15, 2022

Tonya Pomerantz is a middle-aged, menopausal woman helping women all of ages find their voice. She is a huge Bruce Springsteen fan, loves animals (especially dogs), ice cream and lives in a state of perpetual gratitude. Since she discovered her passion for career development, Tonya has worked in the employment world, supporting people as their figure out how to listen to their journey and use their skills to add value to the world.
Thirty years later, Tonya talks with her editor Lynn Thompson about the journey with book in hand, published by Spotlight Publishing House!
Sex, Self-Esteem & Sheer Stupidity - Surviving your 20s and Beyond.

Thursday Jul 28, 2022

Together, with their teams, Sandy Levey-Lunden and Becky Norwood are delighted to announce I Just Want Peace is a #1 International Bestseller.
Here is the edited 20-minute audio version of Becky's Spotlight Publishing Launch Day interview with Sandy on Wednesday, July 27.
Sandy's editor, Lynn Thompson, is also in the house.
Significant thanks to Morgan Hawthorn, photographer, documentary filmmaker, and Sandy’s assistant, who is keeping track of innumerable details in Sandy’s home office.
Heart-full acknowledgment to the team of editors and Power of Clearing coaches who have been holding steady for months in the evolution and birthing of I Just Want Peace, Sandy’s legacy book!
Thanks for listening and enjoying music for The On Purpose Podcast (aka Living on Purpose) with an appreciation for Black Fedora, Sneaky Jazz.
P.S. Lynn first met Sandy in 2008 and recorded with her and Len Satov, before organizing and attending the Power of Clearing workshops in Nanaimo, BC, in Canada.

Wednesday Jul 27, 2022

Today, Wednesday, July 27, 2022 is Book Launch Day with Sandy's legacy book. More info about the book here and this audio is a glimpse from Lynn Thompson's 2008 interview with Sandy Levey-Lunden about what Sandy calls The Clearing Process. Becky Norwood of Spotlight Publishing interviewed Sandy on the launch day for her book and you can listen to the 20-minute edited version here.

Sunday May 29, 2022

Sir Darren Jacklin contributes an abundance of tips in forty minutes that have impacted the quality of his life and innumerable others, covering:
1) The secret to living is giving2) It's unexplainable3) Zappers and sappers4) You matter5) What do you want6) Your thoughts7) Challenge8) Hour of power9) A problem10) Opportunity zone11) Be memorable12) Being relational13) Failure as feedback14) Behind the scenes15) Level up
Lynn Thompson's 50-minute conversation with Darren is on Podbean and in highlights of 17 minutes. Darren is the author of Until I Become. Music for The On Purpose Podcast (aka Living on Purpose) with thanks to Black Fedora, Sneaky Jazz. Thanks for listening.

Thursday May 19, 2022

Sixteen years since their first conversation on Living on Purpose, the occasion of Dan Millman's new memoir is an excellent reason for host Lynn Thompson to welcome Dan (in New York) and eight guests on Zoom (from Ontario, British Columbia, Portugal, and other USA locations). For an hour, they follow each other around, talking about highlights of his eighteenth book, his memoir, Peaceful Heart, Warrior Spirit, The True Story of My Spiritual Quest, as well as life, death, purpose, what we can control, and how four mentors (and bullies earlier in his life) helped shape Dan's learning and teaching. Enjoy!
Here is Dan's talk with Lynn in 2006 by phone on the "live" broadcast of Living on Purpose on CHLY in Nanaimo BC Canada.


Lynn Thompson, Editor of Words and Audio

Living on Purpose Communications includes a podcast, audio editing, and collaborative editing of manuscripts for authors who appear as podcast guests! Host and producer Lynn Thompson creates episodes with an audience (for more discussion), one-on-one conversations, monologues, and guest features. For more information about being a podcast guest or developmental and collaborative editing, writing, and publishing, please email livingonpurposecommunications (at) to hear from Lynn.

 “As a first-time author, editing my novel was intimidating. Thanks to Lynn Thompson, it was a joyful and rewarding experience. Lynn is conscientious, organized, flexible, thorough, and professional. I feel very fortunate to have found someone who was also a kind, respectful, and supportive partner in preparing my book for publication. My novel is better because of Lynn’s contributions.”
—Kathryn Goodwin Tone, The King’s Broad Arrow (Germany/USA), Illustrator, Crystal Cregge. Winner, Juvenile Fiction, 2020 National Indie Excellence Awards
Finalist, 2020 Eric Hoffer Excellence in Independent Publishing Awards
Finalist, 2022 Young Adult Virginia Author Award

“Lynn transforms your literary work from good to great. She is organized, professional, and insightful.”
Derian Tuitt, Life Success Hacks: How to Use Simple Action to Achieve Anything You Imagine (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

“I have really come to appreciate and honor the way you poke, prod, encourage, and yes, sometimes drag me kicking and screaming to my greater potential.”  —Bobbie Casalino Lewis, Expression Expert and author, So That’s What 70 Looks Like! (CA USA 2023)



For anyone wondering what it’s like to collaborate with Lynn Thompson as an editor and writer, here are unsolicited, spontaneous testimonials from three of the numerous people on my team involved with preparing my book for publication with Spotlight Publishing House. —Sandy Levey-Lunden

Lynn, you were an absolute JOY to work with! You show infinite patience and presence making me feel seen, heard, and valued! You have cultivated so much focus, but are always game to have fun! You are a super talented writer and diligent and detailed editor. Your awareness is unrivaled, yet you are unruffled. The way you honoured Sandy’s legacy and embraced every new person added to the team was phenomenal! Collaborating with you was a dream, we were so attuned, even over Zoom, it was like our minds merged in purpose and play-fullness! Knowing you is a true and beautiful Blessing! It’s so incredible what can be accomplished when a set of stellar communicators are led by a star like YOU, Lynn Thompson! —Kristi Birnie

A great tribute to you, Lynn. I concur with Kristi on how much infinite patience, presence, and passion you had for this book project throughout and how I felt seen and heard, grateful to learn some of the ins and outs of editing. I feel like a beginner’s mind in so many ways. Such attention to detail and making everything appear to be seamless, more fun, and just more than the sum of its parts that you tracked so well. It was a meaningful creative process that I secretly never wanted to end. But then we’d be denying the world of a great legacy book and to give Peace a better chance. Congratulations, Sandy and Team Peace! —Christina Ireland

I concur with everything Kristi said. You have shown infinite patience, Lynn, with all of us throwing in different edits, you have welcomed each and every one of us and responded with kindness. You are an awesome editor and have been a profound help to Sandy and her legacy book. Well done and thank you! —Sue Reynard

From such modest beginnings when Angela and I began working on I Just Want Peace with Sandy, its completion and publication is breathtaking. Your painstaking editing has led to an incredible body of work and a wonderful read. —Gillian Hibbs


feather aka denise bertrand


Lynn Thompson is a most attentive, thorough, and enthusiastic editor. 


Anyone writing their first or tenth book would be lucky to have Lynn on their team. 


Her attention to detail is outstanding.


Her gentle and clever suggestions created an inspiring working atmosphere for me

as I completed my first novel.


Once Upon A Solar Time. 


I highly recommend Lynn as your editor. 


The Woo Woo Way

Cindy Childress, PhD, The Expert’s Ghostwriter, book-writing coach, and mentor, reawakened my love of storytelling and helped develop my writing style. Once we completed the developmental editing, I needed to find a copy editor. Who knew there was more than one kind of editing? My publisher, Becky Norwood of Spotlight Publishing House, introduced me to several copy editors to interview. I chose Lynn Thompson of Living on Purpose Communications.

I thank Lynn for creating a collaborative approach in editing my book, chapter by chapter, line by line. With some of my lessons, she helped assemble bridges to connect ideas. Editing takes focused time,
so it’s great that we often laughed with abandon and talked aloud to Grammarly. There’s nothing better than a good belly laugh for healing. How perfect, since healing is the theme of my book.

—Sandy Evenson, Bestselling Author of The Woo Woo Way, in Spring 2023

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