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Conversations that inspire, uplift, and inform the listener. Host and producer Lynn Thompson welcomes authors, musicians, educators, philosophers, and entrepreneurs, each with stories and ideas to share. Episodes include discussion forums, featured guests with an audience, one-on-one conversations, and monologues. Many feature music from Zapsplat, thanks to Black Fedora with Sneaky Jazz. In August 2024, Living on Purpose will reach 20 years in the making! Beginning as a radio talk show on CHLY in British Columbia (2004-2009) and a podcast since 2007 on numerous channels, now on Podbean since April 2020 with The On Purpose Podcast (twin of Living on Purpose). Thanks for listening! Also, thanks for scrolling down to learn more about Lynn Thompson with Living on Purpose Communications for editing audio projects and collaborating with authors and books for publication. Thank you!

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End of Slavery Summit 2

Monday Nov 20, 2023

Monday Nov 20, 2023

Cory Endrulat and The End of Slavery Summit came into view for host Lynn Thompson in November 2022 because she knew Connie, one of many featured speakers. Now in November 2023, Cory has a new project, End of Slavery Summit 2, assembling one-minute videos in consideration of: “What is Most Important That People Must Know?”
A handful of people gathered online with Cory Endrulat on Friday, November 17 for a talk and discussion, filling up an hour and a quarter that included Laura spontaneously speaking her “one-minute” answer to the question!
Cory's Invite Announcement Summary:
"In 2022, we launched The End Of Slavery Summit which featured over 50 speakers including David Icke, Mark Passio, Derrick Broze, Larken Rose, HighImpactFlix and much more, alongside hundreds of resources.“From the summit, launched The Liberator 2 News project, jump-starting our collaborative action-focused newsletter with thousands of readers. This one-stop-hub allows anyone to send an article which will be turned into every format and for several platforms. It also features the 24/7 Truth In Music Radio, a networking page, activism section, the One Great Work Network livestream, documentaries, events and testimonies (for individuals sharing their personal stories).
“Now it is time for The Liberator 2 Showcase. In comparison to The End Of Slavery Summit, it is much easier for anyone to get involved within this project and it is projected to be more effective due to its format. This may be held annually. If you are a speaker or content creator or simply care about the truth, here's all you have to do: Send us a one-minute clip on this one question: What is most important that people must know? The video can be vertical or horizontal with any camera. Be creative! We encourage that you edit your clip, but this is optional because we are willing to edit for you.”
More to read and videos to view at Cory's website, including about slavery.
Thanks to Black Fedora with Sneaky Jazz for the music weaving through The On Purpose Podcast (Living on Purpose).
P.S. One of the questions from Cory's Freedom Brochure:
If stealing 100% of the product of someone's labor is slavery, at what percentage is it not slavery?

Art of Departure Five

Tuesday Nov 07, 2023

Tuesday Nov 07, 2023

The November group discussion on matters of before, during, and after death (life!) with new and returning speakers. Edited to just over an hour and a half. Links to episodes in this series:
Art of Departure EightArt of Departure SevenArt of Departure SixArt of Departure FourArt of Departure ThreeArt of Departure TwoArt of DepartureArt of Departure Sampler
Host Lynn Thompson spontaneously scheduled Art of Departure Five for November 5 (four years since her dad completed his physical life) following her chat with a new friend, Laura JE Hamilton.
Lots of references and resources mentioned in this call. Here we go.
Thanks again for your presence on the Art of Departure Five, truly an honor to be together in the open, loving space of caring, sharing, and witnessing. As Rudi noted about why he showed up, "To hear stories about how people are dealing with their impending death and the deaths of their loved ones. Pick up some courage and some willingness to go a little deeper than the surface." We covered numerous topics, countries, and time zones! 
More from Laura JE Hamilton, author of Fully CommittedThe Sacred Sojourn of the SoulThe Justinian Deception with Romley Stewart
More from Stephanie who loves "sharing a quantum perspective. It's a game changer." 
At the Root of Everything, is Consciousness
The Mindfulness ProjectLebanon Peace ProjectThe Rife Machine
More from feather, author of Once Upon a Solar Time
More from Toni, author of 21 Mistakes Caregivers Make & How to Avoid Them
More from Rudi:
More from Bobbi:
Suzanne referred to her Bahá'í Faith
Next Level Soul
Suzanne Giesmann
NDE Diary
Ev and Rudi referred to the tradition on November 2, Day of the Dead celebration, Día de Muertos
Referenced by Christina, Social Visionary Entrepreneur, Ordained Shamanic Priestess.
She interviewed:
Paul Elder Eyes of an Angel
(Paul was on Living on Purpose on CHLY)
Dannion Brinkley, Saved by the Light
Betty Eadie Embraced by the Light
Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life
Bruce Lipton and epigenetics (Interview with Bruce on Living on Purpose)
Your Story Matters: Unmute Yourself with Ann Randolph > four-week session begins today, Nov 6 to Dec 1 (usually a month or so off between sessions)
The movie, The Secret (Living on Purpose episode with 100 quotes from The Secret)Past life regression, Dr. Brian WeissHAARP
Thanks to Black Fedora with Sneaky Jazz for the music weaving through The On Purpose Podcast (Living on Purpose).

Five Times August

Saturday Oct 28, 2023

Saturday Oct 28, 2023

A soundtrack for these last few years is a series of songs with videos by Brad Skistimas, the solo singer-songwriter known for over twenty years as Five Times August. When “God Help Us All” showed up again recently and tugged the heart of Lynn Thompson, your host, it was time to investigate. Who is this guy? She checked out his website and media links, learned about his musical career, watched interview videos, and found out he is married with three children. Five Times August released his album Silent War on November 1, 2022 on vinyl, cassette, and CD.
Here is a summary article from the hour long podcast that features acoustic versions of his performance of "Silent War" at Defeat the Mandates, his music video of "Jesus ... What Happened to Us?" and his collaborative video with footage from Oracle Films, "Fight For You."
Brad, welcome to Living on Purpose. How did you feel hearing your songs played in Ottawa during the Freedom Convoy in early 2022?
“The greatest thing about watching the Trucker Convoy was getting videos of people playing my songs there. The first person who arrived the night before the protests began parked outside the Parliament buildings and played my song, ‘Silent War.’ It was echoing across the street in the dark. That was really meaningful to me. When things became pretty lively, I was getting videos of people dancing to ‘I Will Not Be Leaving Quietly.’ That’s what I wanted out of that song. A song that people could take with them to these rallies and bang on a trash can and have a good time while making their point. It’s so rewarding to see that movement happening in Canada and for my songs to be part of it.”
Did you have a plan for your most recent album?
“I started releasing these songs as singles in January 2021 with ‘God Help Us All,’ the first in this series of what you would call protest songs. I didn’t consider myself a protest artist. I thought that would be my one song on the entire matter. But it resonated so well with people I felt I should keep going and using my platform in this way. It was therapeutic, too; I knew I wasn’t alone. I didn’t rush any of it. I just let each song come to me, delivered through me, I feel. Months passed before I released ‘Jesus ... What Happened to Us?’ in April that year. As each song came, the process happened over a couple of weeks, where I would write and record it. I recorded most of the songs in my bedroom with a couple of mics. I wanted to give people something honest and unpolished. After I recorded a song, I would make a video for it, however long that took, a week or two. The videos were an extension of what I wanted to say. There’s a whole video album to go along with the audio! The track listing of Silent War is in the order that I wrote and released each song, so the story of that era is told as you listen. I wrote it in real-time in front of the world. It’s been tremendous watching the support of the album, seeing people connect and resonate with those songs over the last couple of years.”  
What’s the story about the videos with your songs?
“I’ve partnered with Oracle Films on a few with their footage from rallies. We collaborated on the ‘I Will Not Be Leaving Quietly’ and ‘Fight for You’ videos. Otherwise, I’ve created and edited the other more animated videos, like ‘Sad Little Man,’ ‘This Just In,’ and ‘Gates Behind the Bars.’ I start with a loose idea, and eventually, it all comes together. I get nerdy frame by frame with many details no one will see the first time around. I’m glad people pick up on it. That’s the great reward, ‘Oh, did you see this? I have to watch that again.’ The work pays off.”
How have you and your family shifted with the change in your musical career?
“I’m very blessed that my family is supportive of what I do. Before the COVID era, I was making children’s music, family-based, character-building theme music about kindness and gratitude. I was doing a project called The Juicebox Jukebox, making the purest stuff I could put into the world, a complete 180 from being an angry protest artist or however you want to classify me. My kids were involved in helping make that music. All of a sudden, I wasn’t doing it anymore. I didn’t want my children to listen to this new group of songs. They’re just children. It’s a shame that we’re almost four years deep into this thing, and it’s been such a huge part of our kids’ lives, right? I was trying to keep that out of their minds. Then, little by little, the world crept in, like going to a park and it being closed. Questions kept happening, and then I was doing bigger events. When I performed at the Defeat the Mandates rally in January of 2022 in Washington, DC, my kids watched online and knew something bigger was happening with Daddy’s music. Then we explained more of what was happening in the world and why Daddy was singing the songs.”
What’s the story behind “Ain’t No Rock and Roll”?
“I love music. That’s my entire life. If I’m not writing it, I’m buying it. I grew up listening to protest music. ‘Ain’t No Rock and Roll’ is me coming to terms with my heroes not being heroes after all. Very few of them spoke up. We’ve heard Eric Clapton and Van Morrison from that generation say something. Two guys out of the entire generation? That’s a pretty pathetic number. I applaud them for doing so. But now we must go back and reevaluate our attention to pop culture and media and say, ‘Well, was it true?’ Even for my generation, we had the grunge era with Nirvana and Pearl Jam. That’s been the entire joke the last year: Rage Against the Machine is now Raging for the Machine. We should scrutinize these anti-establishment movements in the last 60 to 70 years of rock and roll and ask, ‘Where were you on this one?’ The song is saying, ‘Why didn’t you show up? Why are you doing a Pfizer commercial?’ Where are all the anti-establishment artists?”
Are you collaborating with other musicians and artists?
“I went to Austria last December and the UK in August for freedom-focused events. The Jam for Freedom in the UK was three days full of music with freedom-minded musicians and speakers who were there for you the last few years—the same thing with Austria. We’re so distant from each other but experienced the same thing, so it’s like we’ve known each other for years. We’ve found a new community. One of the great things about the artistic community is that we’re getting to know each other and collaborating. We’re all working toward a similar messaging goal for the world and our kids.”
What is that message?
“The overall message is that this is worth fighting for. You have to be willing to risk everything you’ve got, or else there won’t be anything to risk in the future. It’s our kids’ lives we’re talking about, not just ours. It dawned on me early in speaking out that this battle is for the rest of our lives. The mess created over only a three-year cycle has been detrimental. We’ll be cleaning it up for generations. So, you have to risk everything. And you must be willing to say ‘No’ the next time it comes around. Had we all done that the first time, we wouldn’t be in this deep. I maintain that underneath all this darkness is the best time to be alive. We have to fight for it. There’s a beautiful world with communities forming. A handful of goons behind the scenes are ruining it for the rest of us. But there are more of us than them.”
How does your family know about vaccine injury?
“I have three children, six, nine, and eleven. My wife and I have been part of the medical freedom movement since long before COVID. When our eldest son was a baby, he cried uncontrollably, and they never told us he was vaccine-injured. We went down that rabbit hole. After going through several doctors, one finally said, ‘Well, that’s from his early childhood shot.’ He still gets these migraines in his eye that wipe him out. In the last two years, when I hear stories of the vaccine-injured, they’re gut-punching, especially when a parent has lost a child. Pretending that nothing has happened, as if every single person who got that shot is okay, is evil. That’s what we’re up against.”
What gives you hope?
“Like I said, there are communities now, pockets of communities worldwide. People who wonder what’s wrong with the world need to know they’re not alone. They need to know these communities exist. It’s scary when you start speaking out. I’ve had this conversation with many musicians. When we started speaking out through our music, we knew we were going to lose friends. But I have much better friendships now. And I take such confidence in that and knowing there’s a worldwide community in place to support me in any situation. To me, that is the solution: we continue to get stronger.”
Do you have a vision for your recent album?
“I look at Silent War as the beginning of a trilogy. Now, we are in the battle. The other side is that victory I hold on to, and hopefully, there will be an album of victory songs at the end of all of this that we can celebrate with.”
What was your impression of Canada in January-February 2022?
“While I was admiring the Canadian protests, watching it happen in real-time as people were sharing their videos on social media, I was inspired to write ‘This Just In.’ Somebody needed to call out Justin Trudeau for running away because it was such a pathetic thing to do. The song is also to show my support for Canada. Some fans there made me an honorary Canadian citizen. I peeked into Canada many years ago when I attended a conference. Hopefully, at some point, I can get there to perform and meet those fans.”
Check out Bob Moran's artwork for the single of "Fight for You," and the preview of Bob's documentary with "Anti-Fascist Blues" by Five Times August. At first, Brad created twelve parody songs, including "We Didn't Spread the Virus" (Billy Joel Parody) 2020 and "I Will Learn (1,000 Things)" Parody of "500 Miles" by The Proclaimers.
Five Times August is the music created by Dallas, Texas-based singer/songwriter/guitarist Bradley James Skistimas, who admires the Druthers newspaper based in Canada.
Featured on The On Purpose Podcast (Living on Purpose) on Monday, October 23, 2023.

Precious Metals

Wednesday Oct 25, 2023

Wednesday Oct 25, 2023

Ashley Richmond joins host Lynn Thompson for a packed hour of information and discussion with others on the call about precious metals and signs of the times.

Thursday Oct 19, 2023

Spiritually Incorrect Alan Clements and Living on Purpose Lynn Thompson finally talk, with Alan in Bali and Lynn in Ontario, seventeen years after she was in the packed audience for this unique and compelling man's performance on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Breaking news about attention to the intensely detailed work by him and Fergus Harlow about Aung San Suu Kyi.
"Burma's Voices of Freedom and our latest book, The Voice of Hope: Aung San Suu Kyi from Prison – and a Letter to a Dictator, have been forwarded to German and Argentinian Courts by a notable diplomat. We are honored to report that they are under judicial review as documents pertinent to establishing 'international jurisdiction' over crimes against humanity committed against the Rohingya by the Burmese military."
“Alan’s life is material for a legend. An intellectual artist, freedom fighter, former Buddhist monk, he shares his insights and experience with a passion rarely seen and even more rarely lived. He’ll make you think and feel in ways that challenge your entire way of being.” —Catherine Ingram, In the Footsteps of Gandhi and Passionate Presence
For more from Alan Clements, please check out these recordings.
On Becoming One's Own Best Friend
Alan Clements on Meditation, Sacred Activism and Intimacy
The Power of Ethical Spiritual IntelligenceBuddhist Insights Into War, Extreme Conflict, Trauma, and DictatorshipsInsight Myanmar: From Reconciliation to Resistance
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Art of Departure Four

Monday Oct 09, 2023

Monday Oct 09, 2023

On matters before, during, and after death with returning and new guests dropping in on purpose for discussion and reflection on the topic with host Lynn Thompson. Art of Departure Four has three sections: the main discussion, then after most people say bye, Daniel, Bobbi, and Lynn talk, and finally, two days later, Bobbi and Lynn meet up again to cover off a few more details. Enjoy! Listen in stages, if you wish, of the two-and-a-quarter hour edited podcast. Note that occasional background noise in the final stretch is Bobbi's dog clacking about beside her.
Mentions of > The Death Deck, 21 Mistakes Caregivers Make & How to Avoid Them, the Born Medium YouTube channel, Singer, Speaker, and Officiant, and The Proactive Caregiver. And Your Story Matters: Unmute Yourself, with Ann Randolph.
Art of Departure EightArt of Departure SevenArt of Departure SixArt of Departure FiveArt of Departure FourArt of Departure ThreeArt of Departure TwoArt of DepartureArt of Departure Sampler
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21 Mistakes Caregivers Make

Monday Sep 25, 2023

Monday Sep 25, 2023

A discussion group with Toni Gitles on the launch day of her book, Wednesday, September 20th, 2023, 21 Mistakes Caregivers Make & How to Avoid Them: Solutions and Strategies to Reduce Stress and Increase Happiness. Published by Becky Norwood of Spotlight Publishing House.
Among the ten gathered on Zoom to celebrate Book Launch Day were Jessica Lizel Cannon of The Proactive Caregiver and Theresa Wilbanks of Sustainable Caregiving, who were aware of each other's outreach and finally met each other this day.
Thanks to Black Fedora with Sneaky Jazz for the music weaving through The On Purpose Podcast (Living on Purpose).
In May 2023, during the editing process of 21 Mistakes, host Lynn Thompson and Toni Gitles spoke about Toni's 14-year caregiving journey with her mom (who lived to 99 years!), and her inspiration to write her book. Since then, Toni has also produced the 21 Mistakes Caregivers Make workbook.
Plan and prepare for the expected and unexpected events:
❤️ Prepare for a Crisis❤️ Step out of Denial ❤️ Shift Your Mindset ❤️ Prioritize Your Well-being ❤️ Communicate with Confidence ❤️ Plan for the Future❤️ Celebrate Your Loved One
Take action and take control of your journey.

Sunday Aug 20, 2023

Unblock Your Chakras and Transform Your Life is the subtitle, with tapping a strong element in the mix of Sandy Evenson's bestselling, multiple-award-winning book, The Woo Woo Way. Published in March 2023 by Spotlight Publishing House, publisher Becky Norwood introduced Sandy to Lynn Thompson in 2022 for collaborative editing.
In this hour, Sandy talks with Lynn and six others joining them about chakras and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping, including a demonstration on how to tap. She then adapts input from those attending for the words in the sample tapping session. Sandy offers a free guide with videos on her website.
From microbiology medical lab tech in the army to cosmetology school to a longtime career as an award-winning hairstylist, Sandy is also an award-winning master coach and now a bestselling and award-winning author! In The Woo Woo Way, she dispels the mystery behind the woo, and introduces us to a unique perspective on the human body’s internal energy and chakra system. Sandy helps us understand it by describing a house needing restoration where the inner working of the house demonstrates how energy moves within us in The House of You.
Some resources: Nick Ortner, The Tapping Solution, Donna Eden, Bruce Lipton, Gary Craig, and EFT Universe.
Thanks to Black Fedora with Sneaky Jazz for the music weaving through The On Purpose Podcast (Living on Purpose).

PS from Mike Kelly

Friday Aug 18, 2023

Friday Aug 18, 2023

Listening to the group discussion about an alternative Alternative Intelligence inspired Mike to record a PS segment with Living on Purpose host and producer, Lynn Thompson, to make a few more points in under half an hour, edited.
Michael Thorne Kelly has conceived of a different form of Artificial Intelligence that he contends could rejuvenate civilization. Mike joins host Lynn Thompson and eight attentive and contributing listeners for a provocative and free-roaming discussion. He makes numerous references to his book Amaranthine, How to Create a Regenerative Civilization Using Artificial Intelligence. Just after the hour, the wrap-up is followed by another seven minutes of conversation with two guests who remain.

Friday Aug 18, 2023

17 Spatulas and the Man Who Fried an Egg: Reclaim Your Space Mentally and Physically empowers the reader to think about why we hold on to things and the memories associated with those things, even though we hear that holding on to the past limits our growth. While reading this book, I discovered that understanding the “why” frees us to let go or hold on tighter. Lisa Geraci Rigoni tenderly shares stories about her life journey and those she met through her work, making me feel that I am not alone. I found myself reflecting on my own life through what ended up being familiar scenarios outlined in each chapter, learning more about myself and my connection to others every step of the way!—Stacey Metcalfe, CEO of Morven Park
In 35 minutes, Lisa and host Lynn Thompson tour the world of clutter, holding on, and organizing, learning more about why we hold on to stuff and the benefits of what Lisa calls the LITL System: Let It Go, Intentional, Transform, Love It. Lisa's book was published in February, 2023 with Spotlight Publishing House.


Lynn Thompson, Editor of Words and Audio

Living on Purpose Communications in Canada includes a podcast, audio editing, and collaborative editing of manuscripts for authors who appear as podcast guests! Podcast host and producer Lynn Thompson facilitates discussion forums, one-on-one conversations, monologues, and guest features. Lynn collaborates with numerous authors and their books of fantasy, historical fiction, future fiction, personal growth, how-to, and whimsy, from creative consultation in the developmental stage to final proofreading for publication. A guide with enthusiasm for drawing forth stories and polishing words to shine the author’s voice, Lynn enjoys the creative writing journey. For more information about being a podcast guest or developmental and collaborative editing, writing, and publishing, please email livingonpurposecommunications (at) to hear from Lynn.

 “As a first-time author, editing my novel was intimidating. Thanks to Lynn Thompson, it was a joyful and rewarding experience. Lynn is conscientious, organized, flexible, thorough, and professional. I feel very fortunate to have found someone who was also a kind, respectful, and supportive partner in preparing my book for publication. My novel is better because of Lynn’s contributions.”
—Kathryn Goodwin Tone, The King’s Broad Arrow (Germany/USA), Illustrator, Crystal Cregge. Winner, Juvenile Fiction, 2020 National Indie Excellence Awards
Finalist, 2020 Eric Hoffer Excellence in Independent Publishing Awards
Finalist, 2022 Young Adult Virginia Author Award

“Lynn transforms your literary work from good to great. She is organized, professional, and insightful.”
Derian Tuitt, Life Success Hacks: How to Use Simple Action to Achieve Anything You Imagine (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

“I have really come to appreciate and honor the way you poke, prod, encourage, and yes, sometimes drag me kicking and screaming to my greater potential.”  —Bobbie Casalino Lewis, Expression Expert and author, So That’s What 70 Looks Like! The Essence of Aging Gracefully (CA USA 2023)



Reviews for Dinner at God's House

April 24, 2024 with Wellness Writers Press

Literary Titan Gold Book Award: Fiction

"This book is a must-read for those of us who feel and think and grind through the days knowing that with courage there can be peace. Even just for a minute. Dinner at God's House is not just Lieman's story. It belongs to all of us. A beautiful and raw story about healing and the choice to live in courage or fear." - Lara Love Hardin, author of The Many Lives of Mama Love and four-time New York Times bestselling author

"Dinner at God's House is what happens when you are ready to get really, truly honest, which is the biggest adventure of all. This brave, engaging, heartfelt book is a gift." - Nanea Hoffman, author and founder of Sweatpants & Coffee

"Deeply moving and emotionally profound, Dinner at God's House brings us face-to-face with the big questions of life and also helps us find the answers. This story will break you in two and break your heart, and then finally lead you to a better version of yourself. - Lauren Sapala, author, speaker & creative guide

About the Author

Todd B. Lieman is a communications veteran with a passion for creating connections. As a storyteller, creative executive, and team builder, he has worked with brands, start-ups, influencers, and global events. Lieman considers some of his most purposeful work to be speaking at college campuses. His "Power of Connection" talk includes impactful stories and personal practices for the development of mindful self-alignment and individual connection. He wrote his novel, Dinner at God's House as a metaphysical exploration of his journey to find courage and emotional peace.While it took him a while to accept walking as exercise, Lieman is happiest exploring new streets and trails or just throwing a ball to his dog in local parks. He lives in Northern California and readily admits that his wife and son are the true creative forces in his life.

For anyone wondering what it’s like to collaborate with Lynn Thompson as an editor and writer, here are unsolicited, spontaneous testimonials from three of the numerous people on my team involved with preparing my book for publication with Spotlight Publishing House. —Sandy Levey-Lunden

From such modest beginnings when Angela and I began working on I Just Want Peace with Sandy, its completion and publication is breathtaking. Your painstaking editing has led to an incredible body of work and a wonderful read. —Gillian Hibbs

Lynn, you were an absolute JOY to work with! You show infinite patience and presence making me feel seen, heard, and valued! You have cultivated so much focus, but are always game to have fun! You are a super talented writer and diligent and detailed editor. Your awareness is unrivaled, yet you are unruffled. The way you honoured Sandy’s legacy and embraced every new person added to the team was phenomenal! Collaborating with you was a dream, we were so attuned, even over Zoom, it was like our minds merged in purpose and play-fullness! Knowing you is a true and beautiful Blessing! It’s so incredible what can be accomplished when a set of stellar communicators are led by a star like YOU, Lynn Thompson! —Kristi Birnie

A great tribute to you, Lynn. I concur with Kristi on how much infinite patience, presence, and passion you had for this book project throughout and how I felt seen and heard, grateful to learn some of the ins and outs of editing. I feel like a beginner’s mind in so many ways. Such attention to detail and making everything appear to be seamless, more fun, and just more than the sum of its parts that you tracked so well. It was a meaningful creative process that I secretly never wanted to end. But then we’d be denying the world of a great legacy book and to give Peace a better chance. Congratulations, Sandy and Team Peace! —Christina Ireland

I concur with everything Kristi said. You have shown infinite patience, Lynn, with all of us throwing in different edits, you have welcomed each and every one of us and responded with kindness. You are an awesome editor and have been a profound help to Sandy and her legacy book. Well done and thank you! —Sue Reynard

Listen to Sandy on the podcast


feather aka denise bertrand


Lynn Thompson is a most attentive, thorough, and enthusiastic editor. 


Anyone writing their first or tenth book would be lucky to have Lynn on their team. 


Her attention to detail is outstanding.


Her gentle and clever suggestions created an inspiring working atmosphere for me

as I completed my first novel.


Once Upon A Solar Time. 


I highly recommend Lynn as your editor. 


Listen to feather on the Living on Purpose podcast


The Woo Woo Way

"Cindy Childress, PhD, The Expert’s Ghostwriter, book-writing coach, and mentor, reawakened my love of storytelling and helped develop my writing style. Once we completed the developmental editing, I needed to find a copy editor. Who knew there was more than one kind of editing? My publisher, Becky Norwood of Spotlight Publishing House, introduced me to several copy editors to interview. I chose Lynn Thompson of Living on Purpose Communications.

"I thank Lynn for creating a collaborative approach in editing my book, chapter by chapter, line by line. With some of my lessons, she helped assemble bridges to connect ideas. Editing takes focused time,
so it’s great that we often laughed with abandon and talked aloud to Grammarly. There’s nothing better than a good belly laugh for healing. How perfect, since healing is the theme of my book."

—Sandy Evenson, Bestselling Author of The Woo Woo Way, in Spring 2023

Listen to Sandy on the Living on Purpose podcast

Award-winning, Summer 2023:

Award Finalist 2023 International Book Awards (Category, Spirituality: Inspirational)

2023 San Francisco Book Festival Award (Category, How-To)

Literary Titan Book Award

International Impact Award Winner (Category, Body/Mind/Spirit)


A Dry Hate - Second Edition


Published by Nugget Press with support from Spotlight Publishing House.


Nancy Marshall hopes that A Dry Hate will have a broad readership with adult discussion groups as well as in high school and college classrooms. She has a deep and abiding belief that by continuing to educate ourselves, to think and talk about ideas and events, we will become a more robust democratic society.


By opening ourselves to the interchange of ideas and knowledge, we will be more able to combat propaganda, lies, abuse of power, and threats of violence.


Listen to Nancy on the Living on Purpose podcast


Nancy says of editor Lynn Thompson:


“Lynn has been a fabulous, terrific, wonderful, irritating, fun-loving, imperfect, best-ever editor.

I am so grateful for all the work she’s done, and we’ve done together.”


June 2023


May 2024: A DRY HATE just won first place as “best novel” with the Arizona organization of Arizona Professional Writers!


Publishing with Ignite Press in 2024

“When we began working together, I had a collection of blog entries, and I didn’t even know how to begin turning them into a book. You helped me to rearrange, rewrite, and polish these entries into a book I am proud of. Lynn, I really felt you were invested in my success and I enjoyed getting to know you. I will definitely work with you again!”                   

Danell TeNyenhuis Black, SUDDENLY, A Widow’s Story of Unexpected Loss and Healing

Listen to Danell on the Living on Purpose podcast


Leading us through details of her unexpected loss, the author expands the shock rippling through their large families into a depth of insight, memories, hope, and supportive guidance. I recommend this book for comfort and company through the loss of a spouse and holding steady as life continues in ways unimaginable before that moment. Big thanks for the author's courage in sharing her story!

Lynn Thompson



In memory of Mom and Dad who were always there for me. My bond with Mom reached new depths throughout the years I cared for her and as she expressed her incredible love for me.

Thanks to Denise M. Brown for your caregiver consultant training program and the many opportunities you provided, including giving me the foundation and tools to begin helping family caregivers. Thanks to my partner, Dennis, for your love, patience, support, and understanding while I wrote this book. Thanks to Junie Swadron, Theresa Wilbanks, and Lynn Thompson for your editorial guidance and encouragement and for making writing this book a fantastically fun journey. Like caregiving, writing a book is not a solo activity, and you each brought this message to life and gave it wings. It takes a community to write a good book. Steve Harrison, his coaching staff, and his group of authors provided education, guidance, and inspiration to keep me engaged and clear that my message is important and needs a voice. I greatly appreciate my first readers, Dennis Dulniak, Helen Carter, and Karen Briskey. A huge thank you to Maggie Morgan and Theresa Wilbanks for your marketing and social media expertise, and Becky Norwood, for all you and your staff accomplished to get my book published on time and with love and enthusiasm for this project.

Gratitude to all the caregivers I have met and coached. You validated over and over that this book and the information in it change lives. While the worries, mistakes, and concerns are real, you have created meaningful journeys through effective communication, asking for help, making memories, and celebrating with the loved ones in your care.

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